Wednesday, August 22, 2007


How I hate them.

Especially when I'm shorted 13 pieces on an important order, and even moreso when I don't find out about said shortage until the day they're supposed to be delivered. Since the contractor is pouring concrete tomorrow, and these bolts have to embed and be inspected and approved before they can do that, it's kind of vital that they arrive on time. Sucks holding up an entire building.

And yes, I'll be hand counting everything from now on to prevent this kind of thing from happening again.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

In memory of Laura Pappas

I heard yesterday that one of my best friends lost his mom in a car accident on Saturday night. His dad is recovering from a broken hip and shattered pelvis in a Las Vegas hospital with a great prognosis.

At least there is some consolation in the midst of tragedy.

Welcome... the new face of Perpetual Realm. Here you will be able to absorb the latest and greatest news from Inside Job, Forlorn Betrothed, PRD Web/Graphic design, and whatever other nonsense I choose to throw your way. I pity you, in a way.

At any rate, as a peace offering, please enjoy this rough premix version of ForBet's "The Callous Wheel". You can hear the rough acoustic version on MySpace.

Thanks to Eric Miller for Simpsonizing me --->
My computer couldn't handle the strain from the Shockwave app. :)